Ye Olde Rules of Notmad

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Ye Olde Rules of Notmad

Postby KonyIsland » Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:17 pm



1. No kiddy porn, weird shit
2. NWS must be clearly labelled as such
3. No links to illegal streams and downloads
4. No Personal Information*
5. Collared jacket and forum tie must be worn in the restaurant
6. Forum staff (unpaid internet janitors) have final say on all matters
7. Don’t be a fucking bell end.

Personal Information is defined as identifiable details such as names, locations, places of work etc. Forum members are free to divulge their own personal details, but in doing so accept that said information becomes common currency of the forum and may be referred to freely. Information revealed by a third part remains protected. :yaok:

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